Sad ‘Bandh’ to everyone

hey so im was a holiday ,a karnataka bandh,supposedly!!!but it doesnt help us engg. people here at all since our classes of today get postponed to a weekend or public holiday n the future 😦 spoilsport..but didnt but it too much use..was studin C and BE..

have joined digg and here’s what i liked..its about the physics” nobel” of this year,pronounced nobell ,not noble…

yesterday due to some mistake the same post was printed twice!!!!

hope i dont repeat it..the sessionals are nearing ..and i dont know how they are gonna be,coz ive been away from studing from too long!!!i might not be posting a lot of the usual junk for the coming week…so i dont know when i’ll log in next!!

btw apparently there’s a proxy server that works access orkut in my college..its vtunnel …but ive not used it till now..cause the net always seems to be down or full if im free!!!
my two pages are up and one more should be up today!!!!
so give me some feedback about them!!! please..

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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