Chequered flag!!!

i woke up in the morning at 7 go for mass.met friends and was back by 10.decided to go online and do some blogging before the F1 race and uploaded my page.then went off to watch F1 ..but the current played spoilsport and there i was without at wits end šŸ˜¦ ..thankfully it came back by 12:15,by that time about 26 laps had gone by and i sat drafting this blog while watching the rest of the race..

Alonso is just 2 points ahead of Schumi and badly needed a win today..he was ahead when i started watching..then my mom sent me off.since she wanted to watch the i went up to the other tv,and had to search for the channel star sports since the channels above had been shuffled..something good came out of it,i found VH1 i didnt know we could get it!!! šŸ˜€ .
well back to the race..Personally i Dont favour neither Alonso nor Schumi..but the battle got me supporting Alonso..He Forfeited his lead to Fischicella and then Schumi took up the lead.

BTW was watching the latest fullmetal alchemist yesterday night .new twist in the tale!!!wow.Just joined google reader today .ive started the 250 plan and need to conserve the mbs for this getting so Paranoid!!
Also read Jug’s column in STOI today..i too was a good one about Numerology and the crazy people who change their names to get more lucky..wonder what my name would be if i change it..hmm? Kenet perhaps..since people usually spell it like that.

Back to the race..with just a few laps left to go,schumi takes the lead …and screams ahead..its gonna be tough for Alonso to overtake him after that failure at the pits!!!its started to rain too and the track at the chinese grand prix is getting wet and slippery! Alonso is trying hard to get the fastest laps.
well What a Race!!!! šŸ™‚
3 More Laps to go…
..well im feeling sad for Alonso that was a good race from him..But Schumi’s Strategy won him the race in the as a result both the drivers have the same amount of points now..116 points and renault is just a point ahead of ferrari in the constructors championship!! nice end to a wonderful season..

Listening to the All American Rejects now…dirty little secrets

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

One thought on “Chequered flag!!!”

  1. all american rejects RAWK man! šŸ˜› i also listen to american hi-fi, good charlotte, and my chemical romance.

    totally digg the song: demolition lovers!

    and OPETH , the ultimate sedcution šŸ˜€

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