The curse of the 25 paisa!!!

Been listening to the Lost prophets and have been relaxing,what with a half day which came to us from out of the blue,seems like the teachers were either on leave or too tired ,guess it doesnt matter to most of the class but three days in a row of halfdays will make me go home and sleep, like  its any use[other than that its good for ur health :)].been working on only boring CAD at college ..we had 4 hours of it today,:( by the end of three hours we had given up completely on it an started to talk on a variety of topics including F1,who will win the championship???and even on blogs and the traffic my friend Karthik gets.who seems to have a good technorati ranking of about 30,000..[last time he checked it at least,]and of course he will be reading this too.since he has attached a feed to this.weve been talking about blog ettiquette ,what to write and how.and a lotta other things,

i Couldnt get my scholarship form signed from the princi today[still dont know what his full name is??] so there a work thats been put off till tomorow.Lately ive been jinxed too much,not only me also the house,like i mentioned yesterday the net went down ,then the printer,then the mixie fell down and broke,the tv also was flickering off and on.could it be the curse of the 25 paisa?? i picked up from my seat on the bus.will get rid of it tomorow.Finally traveled by the famous BRAHMS bus which has quite a fan following among the college people and an orkut community dedicated to it tooo.

The Month comes to an end tomorow and life just seems to be a routine for me from getting up in the morning with great difficulty at 6,switching on the comp.,eating ,and then running to catch the college bus late as always[somehow i make it],sleeping in the bus[a good 1 hour],listening to boring lectures and talking to my friends,going back an writing my blog and if possible doing whatever amount of studying and watching anime into whatever time ive got left,before i nod off to sleep quite late at 11:30..thats a whole days work to me…..goodnight! :0

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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