X’s and O’s

the test was not held today.thats a relief …but we wasted our time studying for it in our cpracs class :(of .anyway some people like raksha an akshata bunked the class for  reasons!!!! we enjoyed the class in the last benches …..seems like sir was quite angry with us..feels like a tough paper is coming up fr this sessionals…..all this coz we were answering his questins frm the text k…he also caught madhu for it …everyun was the least bit interested in the chem class today…..x ‘s and o’s…thats what they were playin around me in the last benches……anymore im takin the txtbook to collge to prompt …prompting is fun!!!!!!

as long as the answers are in the txtbook…coz one of the questions ..woke up all of us sleepin in the last benches,,,,since it wasnt ther in the txt…

we’ve been travelin in the college bus for only 5 bucks for the past few weeks…from nitte to mangalore…imagine that..its like 62 kms!!!!..all the 5 bucks go into the conductors pocket…so everyun was happy…but the authorities found that out an so now we have to give the counductor the coupons!!!! 😦

so …the afternoons was occupied by a seminar…by resonance holdings ..a placement company….from the us..seems they r setting up a iap ™[industrial awareness program]…its supposed to train us for the it industry..an is supposed to be integrated into our timetable…..but its optional an cost bout 40,000….so like put some of us into deep thinking…..but who kno what well do…only time can tell

other wise..we did come home..an me instead of completeing the home wrk..sat on the net…

i got opera 9 and the itunes player today…the proxy sites on the net cant be used to access orkut..we tried eveything…so we r giving up…..

thers the next page comin up…i m thinkin of a book review of one of my recent fav books…any help from u out ther on how to use wordpress to the max!!!!Plus is opera or firefox better for browsing????

ive been bloggin too much i feel that …also blog at college…since thers nothing else to do!!! 🙂 :@

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

One thought on “X’s and O’s”

  1. main hoon na 🙂 drop a line for any help on wordpress (uhh….dont ask too complicated questions though 😛 ) but as much as i know, will defo, help ya out. have a nice day kenneth!

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