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Location missing.

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recently i had written a blog post about how i dont remember much. so here goes.

My oldest memory:

Someone else told me about this recently. I had the part of a Policeman in one of those skits or something when i was little; with the stick and other inspector garb. My faux-paus? i salute with the wrong hand :) i dont remember it but glad that people do that job for me.

Ten Years Ago:

Mom Expired. Was too young to react.

My first thought this morning:

Holiday. Are the smses charged? and after reading a sms prior to waking up: “Telugu and Tamil celebs??”

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain?

i already have a bunch of them, my blog including. There’s my cupboard of junk.

This year 14 years from now:

i have no aim so i dunno. My addictions will stay and perhaps i ll write a book :D



Yeah i know i’ve not been here in about 20 days. and i know that i have Tags Pending. Right now am not gonna indulge and stay away for some more time. atleast thats what my decision is right now. but knowing that it changes really fast, i may be back sooner than thought. This is a break not an end.

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Memories stay with us usually…
i said usually because i have this thing with them. sadly i dont seem to remember much about my past. On the bus trip back the other day when Rajat and Riz were recounting their earliest memories all i could say was ” i dont know… i just remember nothing” which is the truth because i seriously dont. My first cry, My fave toy( a yellow teddy, i remember), My first day at school( i know i was put to school early), My trips with parents… for that matter even stuff that happened around primary school. am pretty blank.

Things i do remember are stuff i did..the nutty things, the things to be proud of and some events that moulded me. However even those are not too clear. Just vague memories.
I also know that i hated studies and used to run away from it courtesy grandparents. I still do.

Another thing i learnt when i was little were the roads around Mangalore. Used to go around with my Dad on his Yamaha Rx 100. We sold it for a Yamaha Fazer some 5 yrs ago.

Books were one of my first loves because i do remember getting a Tinkle everytime we went to the Central market for supplies. Usually on a Sunday. I still have the collection. That, Champak and Gokulam stayed with me till atleast 5-6th std. Those were replaced with The Disney ones uptil 7th. Phantom comics published as Indrajal comics were inherited by me from Dad and Uncle’s. Still have those. My mom’s old books are at granny’s for the time being. She wants to read. Those are way older. 1960-ish. My mom’s and my Aunt’s contributions are there in it.

I really envy people who can remember quite a lot of things that they did(For eg. Riz’s 1yr B’day party Mongini’s cake shaped as a 1 and Rajat’s Hindi class and skit anecdote.)

Some of my friends from those early days have stayed beside me and some others from those early days have become friends all over again and i found them in a Nazareth(Kindergarten school) class photo. Funny how People meet once again round the bend.
I remembered this because i bumped into a lot of them in 2 PU and also today. A mini-reunion nonetheless today. It felt good.

i scanned this more than a year ago. i probably blogged about it then too. i still know about 1/3 rd of this class :)